Website for the production of premium croissants for business "42 layers"
42 Layers clients are the best Russian restaurant projects and the largest chains of shops and coffee shops.
Our team has developed a website that performs several tasks:
After testing the main CTA was selected by the pricelist request, to continue lead the possible client further along the sales funne. After the pricelist request, the user receives an email with information about working conditions and a pricelist in the application. The pricelist was also developed by оur team
Introduction to the product
We made a videoclips that review each product, where, in addition to basic information, the user can study the product from all sides;
Familiarization with the types of deliveries
We've made videoinstructions for two of them.


The design of the site is created in such a way that the user goes from kneading the dough to the ready croissant as the site scrolls down.
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